San Diego Weather

The weather in San Diego California is considered to be a Mediterranean type of climate (Koppen climate classifications Csa). The typical climate features warm, sunny, dry, summers and cool, wetter, winters. In addition to the usual summer, December through February can be very cold for those who live in the northern region of the country. On the whole, the climate in the state is considered to be mild with sunny days and nights. However, there are several types of climate in the area that will affect the weather in other areas. It is important for people to be aware of the different climate types and what they mean for their homes.

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The most common climate in San Diego California is the Coastal/Coastal Ridge. This area has a moderate humidity and warm temperatures. It experiences a slight cooler than the average temperature during the spring and fall seasons. The Pacific coast of San Diego receives a more moderate amount of precipitation, while inland areas such as the Valley and the Imperial Mountains receive little rainfall. The Central Valley receives more rainfall, while the southwest and the mountains receive more snow than average. This is one of the best conditions to grow in because it provides plenty of nutrients and water to plants in the soil.


The desert climate in the Northern part of California, including the state’s deserts, experience very dry and hot summers. The winters tend to be colder than the summer and have a low humidity content. On the whole, the climate in the northern region of the state is known to be dry throughout the year and the temperatures do not remain above freezing. During the winter, the snowpack melts quickly and water runoff tends to increase. The vegetation that does not melt becomes very thirsty and leaves in the fields and lawns become dried out. Because of the high temperatures and low humidity, it is possible for the soil to over-compress due to evaporation and this causes landslides. Due to these factors, landslides are prevalent in the Northern part of the state.