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San Diego California has one of the most beautiful coastlines in the United States, with some of the most picturesque oceanic and scenic beaches. It is also known for its historical architecture, many museums, art galleries and parks. Among the top ten tourist destinations in California, San Diego has consistently ranked as one of the top ten tourist destinations in the country, including the number one tourist destination in the entire United States, according to the US Travel Association’s annual Tourism Outlook. San Diego is also the third-largest metropolitan in the state, along with Los Angeles and Orange County, which are also located in Southern California. San Diego is the second largest US port, with four large airports and the second busiest inland seaport. The San Diego-Tijuana International Airport is the busiest inland seaport and the fifth largest international airport in North America, while the La Jolla Cove Park is one of the largest man made lakes in North America.
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San Diego is often referred to as a “San Francisco” of Southern California due to the close proximity of the two cities. In fact, it is the only place in the state that is not actually part of the United States. San Diego was founded in 1852 as the second biggest settlement in what is today California. San Diego was also the site of the original Alamo Drafthouse and the headquarters of the US Post Office.

San Francisco, California was named after a German who lived in San Francisco, California. The name San Francisco was chosen because it had not yet been named by an English name. The city was later named for Dr. Johnson, the famous Scottish physician and writer who helped to build the first American navy. Today, San Francisco is also a popular home for celebrities and tourists from all over the world due to its historic architecture, beautiful beaches and unique culture.